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Montag, 21. September 2015

Lets talk about self-esteem

As my outfit posts are annoying me myself atm, I decided to deal with a different topic in today's post, which you can probably all relate to.
Of course i will still upload photos of my outfit, I'm just not going to describe it, but instead I will write about a more serious issue, self-esteem. It follows you day after day and can make you feel either up or down. I myself really appretiate having a realistic self-perception and strong confidence. When I'm around people I am not ashamed 'admitting' I'm proud of who I am and loving myself. Exactly this it what makes people think I am arrogant and posh. I do not approve of this, because no one should be told that their self-confidence is 'over the top' because it never is. Especially men (not all) want women that are rather insecure, needing their partner's afirmation to feel good about themselves. This is definetly not how it should be. People, especially younger women or girls, should never feel like they are supposed to be like that and they need to know that if they are having self-esteem issues, they need help to feel confident about themselves again, because confidence and a realistic self-perception make you strong and i dependet of other's judging opinions. Also this should be what is attractive to men, not a silent, insecure women who is surpressed easily. All my childhood i was bullyed for being 'too skinny'. People (in my primary school) called me anabolic. Which is really not ok. Besides the fact i wasn't even anabolic, using this expression to humiliate someone is just abject. Being anabolic or bulimic is not a choice or a mood, it is a disease and it is for sure not funny or to be made fun of at all. Eventhough I personally could handle it, there are many, many young people that cannot come up with the strength to stand up against bullies or not have the confidence to be above all that and ignore those stupid peoples' invaluable opinions. To all of you who can relate or not, No matter what someone looks like, never ever barge in their life just making them feel bad about their appearance or whatever. People who do this are simply not confident about themselves either and try to block this out, bullying other people. So, stop.

blouse, pants- ZARA
shoes- COLLECTION N° 2